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Our company is not the first year has the following services:
  • the provision of specialized equipment rental ;
  • fuel transportation and others . oil through our oil tankers ;
  • transportation of large machinery and other modes of transport ;
  • removal of soil ;
  • delivery and transportation of bulk materials ;
  • dismantling of buildings and structures ;
  • development and digging pits .
  • The Company operates in the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region c 2009.
Currently, not all companies that provide similar services , can afford having its own fleet of specialized equipment , however, we not only contains , but also constantly updating our fleet , adding to it with new cars, demand for construction and other types of work. During the activities the company has formed a substantial fleet of vehicles that can meet virtually any customer . Construction equipment rental in Moscow and the Moscow Region (Klimovsk, Voskresensk, Mozhaisk, Dmitrov, Dolgoprudny, Rail, Zhukovsky, Ivanteevka, Kolomna, Korolev, Krasnogorsk, Orekhovo-Podolsk, Pushchino, Ramenskoye, Sergiev Posad, Dubna, Serpukhov, Fryazino, Chernogolovka, Balashikha, Shchelkovo, Anniversary, etc..) is carried out on a contractual basis, efficiently and in a timely manner. We rent various types of excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, aerial platforms, cranes, dump trucks, bulldozers, Auger, concrete pumps, cranes, long measures, watering machines, rollers, low loaders, ilososy, graders, etc. Equipment. Over the years, our company has been working in this segment of the services market and has established itself as a reliable, executive partner with whom to interact favorably. Our company has skilled workers staff who will help you to properly and efficiently exploit this or that technique is maintenance crews that come to the rescue in case of need, as well as other specialists required for quality of service. The partners of the company are various construction and manufacturing organizations (both large and medium and small enterprises) and private individuals. Hire a special equipment in the company “DEKAR Story”, you will get in our face as a reliable partner, able to quickly and efficiently help you implement your application. We provide rental services of specialized equipment in Moscow and the Moscow region, 7 days a week. Looking forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation with you! Why choose us:
  1. Quickly select the object and serve the necessary equipment for you;
  2. We have a very impressive fleet of equipment of various kinds;
  3. We have skilled operators and technicians with extensive experience that promotes quality every task (allows you to experience a professional, calm and judicious approach to solving problems of any complexity);
  4. We provide a range of services in the field of construction and other types of work;
  5. Regular customers receive a discount.